These are some additional resources for learning math that I like and have used in the past:

  • IXL Learning – this site has activities that help you to learn concepts in a fun way at various grade levels. They have material for subjects other than math, too.
  • Khan Academy – this site has activities, video lectures, and quizzes so that you can progress through algebra, geometry, calculus, and other math topics at your own pace. They also have material for courses besides math.
  • Numberphile – this YouTube channel explores numbers and various concepts in mathematics. They have over a decade’s worth of videos, so you will probably find something that interests you!
  • Veritasium – this YouTube channel explores interesting topics in math, computer science, physics, and other subjects. These videos are a good way to spark your curiosity and broaden your horizons on science topics.

I will add more resources as I discover them. Enjoy!